Our Extra Olive Oil

“…. se vuoi scoprire il gusto originale della bruschetta, proprio come veniva realizzata nei tempi antichi, prova quest’ olio di Alvano e sentirai quanto vale. Ti da salute perchè è fatto con amore dal signor Alvano che è un vero intenditore. Un Amico ”

Questo è quello che gli amici scrivevano e dicevano dell’olio fatto da nostro nonno Alvano e questo è anche quello che nostra madre Lorella vuole continuare a produrre; un olio eccellente, sano e gustoso, estratto con tecniche tradizionali da un appropriato dosaggio di diverse varietà di olive locali, altamente selezionate e naturali. Aroma delicato e gusto intenso ma perfettamente equilibrati sono caratteristiche fondamentali per un olio ottenuto dalla prima spremitura a freddo adattandosi benissimo sia all’utilizzo a crudo che in cottura.


Antonella e Francesco Campanella

The Oil Mill

Ours is a traditional type oil press. Traditional means that we use a system equipped with a large round tank inside which two heavy stone millstones, called mills, rotating, which have the function of crushing the olives and mixing them to obtain a soft paste. Next to the millstones and connected with a chute is the kneader, a rectangular stainless steel tank equipped with a movable propeller which, after being merged, keeps the dough moist and allows the formation of the first droplets of oil. In the meantime that a new batch of olives is crushed, the dough by means of an electromechanical system is placed on the diaphragms which fill up as they rotate, and then are stacked on a mobile plate, in blocks of 5 interspersed with stainless steel discs. Once the pile at least 2 meters high is completed, it is positioned inside the hydraulic presses which, reaching the pressure of 400 atmospheres, will crush the pile itself to let out until the last drop of oil must. The process ends with the separation of the oil from the water that takes place inside a machine called a separator, the effect of the centrifugal force and the different specific weight of the two compounds, instantly separates the oil must pumped from the tanks for the collection of hydraulic presses thus obtaining our oil.


Tradiotional, handpick harvesting with plastic boxes with max. 25 Kg.


To remove the leaves from the olives thaks a mechanic system . At the end the olives are cleaned with air pression.